The Difference between Cast, Tubular and Slat Fencing

Fence styles and options are endless. You can choose from square, round tubular aluminium fences, ornate wrought iron or cast aluminium heritage to slat aluminium fences. Countless options mean there is always a style that will suit your home decor and budget. The real question is, what is the difference between these types of fences? 


Cast Fencing 

What is cast fencing you ask? Cast Aluminium is essentially a ‘moulded aluminium panel’ it is made with liquid aluminium, poured into a mould and left to solidify. Cast aluminium has good compression strength as it can’t be stretched or bent into shape. Cast Fences are extremely popular in replica and heritage homes as the fences and gates compliment their elegant style. Commonly sought-after cast fences for these types of homes are the Sturt, Hindmarsh and Dulwich styles. 


Tubular Fencing 

Tubular Aluminium on the other hand is a strong, light weight fence that is tough on rust and general wear. Tubular fences are made up of numerous metal rods joined together producing a secure fence. They are very popular not only because of their stylish finish, but they are also very affordable and require no maintenance. There is an extensive range of fences and gates and all are unique in that they are all custom made to suit your requirements. Making it the perfect if you’re looking to replace an existing fence or gate or have an existing wall & pillars, where the height & width are already determined.


Slat Fencing 

Slat fencing is also a fantastic strong, durable and no maintenance fencing and gate option. It is usually installed horizontally to achieve a modern complimentary finish. They are also perfect for any property as they are adjustable to fit any space or if you have a particular design in mind.


Aluminium Lacework 

If you’re seeking a unique finish for the exterior of your home, our range of decorative aluminium lacework might be the perfect addition to explore. Aluminium lacework is a popular addition to a heritage home’s facade as it can offer an elegant finishing touch to any verandah, gazebo or patio. Depending on your style of home, we have many existing designs in our current range which can be powder coated in any colour to suit your needs. 

We also offer the luxury of matching any existing design, where we can create exact copies to replicate original lacework on a heritage home or give your new home a charming touch. Similarly, we can reproduce a lacework design directly from an existing sample to exactly match a broken or missing panel on your home. This allows you to preserve the original design and save the cost of replacing all of the existing lacework.

The style, colour and length will play an important role in how the end product will look on your home. Our lacework is customisable to your heart’s desire, and with the ability to add an ornate lacework design to add character to your newly built home, the possibilities are really endless. Our designs range from simple charming lacework for more contemporary homes, to grand and ornate designs which may suit an older heritage style home. To perfect your vision, we use a series of lacework corner and frieze panels to outline the desired space. 

The powder coated finish will ensure the aluminium lacework does not rust or wear over time the way that traditional original iron casts can. Our gorgeous lacework designs will stand the test of time so you can admire their beauty well into the future and provide a luxurious edge at selling point.