How To Pick The Right Fence For Your Adelaide Home

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A fence should reflect your lifestyle and home. The first thing you should ask yourself is ‘what’s the purpose of the fence?’, do you need it to keep your animals and children safe or it is purely for the look of the property. This answer will guide you on the height, colour, style, and material that will suit you the best.


The style of your home is the easiest way to limit your options. Old style Victorian and bungalow homes look best with intricate cast aluminium fences, whilst modern homes perhaps look better with slat or minimalistic tubular style fences. Don’t forget to factor in council approval, not all installations need to go through local council although, in particular areas, especially historical housing districts, you might have to get approval first.


If you can find a fencing contractor in Adelaide that will work with you through the design process, customizing it for you – stick with them! Expert advice and styling tips help a lot in the final decision, take the advice on someone who installs fences every day of the week!


If you’re completely up in the air about which style of fence to settle on, look around you! Go for a walk or drive and check out your neighbors and surrounding areas fences and take notes on what appeals to you. You also don’t want your new fence to stick out like a sore thumb on the street! Take into consideration the style of fences and houses neighboring your property.


Consider, what is your budget? What might seem like the cheapest option now, will probably not pay off in the long run. Maintenance costs may apply to some types of fencing as well, so you want to ensure what you are investing in is going to last. For example, a steel fence is generally cheaper than aluminum but it will rust and fade over time, whereas aluminum extrusion when powder coated will not fade or rust!


Privacy, how much do you want of it? If you want a lot, consider installing a fence with very small gaps in between. A slat fencing Adelaide is a great way to gain that added privacy without comprising on style.


Don’t forget to take into consideration your landscape and entrances. How your fence is going to affect your driveaway is very important. If you need an electronic gate, make sure that your desired design is going to work with this.